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Strategies for reducing pediatric medication mistakes

Pennsylvania parents may be familiar with the challenges involved in accurately measuring teaspoons or tablespoons of liquid medications, especially if their pharmacies do not provide measuring spoons or droppers with the medications. This is one of the most common issues that result in medication errors at home. This is also one of the many issues being addressed as medical experts consider strategies for improving accuracy in the prescription and administration of medications for children.

Statistics indicate that up to 27 percent of prescriptions are either prescribed or administered incorrectly. Much of the research in addressing ways to improve these issues has focused on the prescribing process, a much easier task than evaluating the administration of medications in the home. Pre-printed prescription sheets appear to reduce errors in the prescribing process by up to 82 percent. These electronic or paper sheets tend to be much more legible, reducing the potential for misreading a prescribing physician's handwriting. When prescriptions are managed via computer software, additional issues such as allergies and potential drug interactions can be referenced.

Report tracks rise in deaths among pregnant American women

Pennsylvania residents might be interested in a recent analysis regarding the maternal mortality rate in the United States. According to a report by the United Nations and World Health Organization, there are roughly three deaths among pregnant women in the United States every day due to gestational complications. The report also states that every year approximately 50,000 women nationwide experience the risk of imminent death during the childbirth process.

With regard to maternal mortality rates, the report finds America to be the worst among developed countries. The issue is most salient in low-income communities, reportedly. For example, census data indicates that Camden, New Jersey, is a low-income city compared to other American municipalities. Reportedly, half of the pregnant women in the city do not receive first-trimester care, which is pivotal for detecting certain life-threatening issues. Moreover, for every 100,000 births in Camden, 30 women die, according to authorities.

Family sues after death in explosion

The death of a worker who lost his life in February during an explosion at a Pennsylvania gas well has sparked a wrongful death lawsuit against a subdivision of Chevron Corp. The 27-year-old was one of 20 workers at the site and died on Feb. 11 when the gas well exploded. His remains were found on location a few days later. Another worker suffered minor injuries. The fire took five days to extinguish itself because the fire was fed by natural gas.

His parents reportedly filed the wrongful death lawsuit in May and claimed that Chevron did not keep up maintenance on the well. The lawyer for the family released a statement that the reason for the explosion was still under investigation. The lawsuit was to motivate the collection of information from Chevron by the family and to help them understand what happened in the incident. They now have the right to protect their own interests and to look into the explosion.

Fatal hit and run leads to 2 arrests in Pennsylvania

Two people have been charged in connection with a Pennsylvania hit and run that killed a pedestrian in Bensalem on June 19. According to police, a man was found lying on the shoulder of Bristol Pike after 6:30 pm. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead there later.

Police received a tip leading them to the driver of the 2003 GMC pick-up truck that allegedly hit the man. The female driver was charged with hit and run as well as driving with a suspended license.

Man paralyzed by crash awarded $55.3 million

According to media sources, a Pennsylvania man was recently awarded $55.3 million in damages after he was permanently injured in an accident. The lawsuit was filed against the Honda Motor Company over allegations of a faulty seat belt design in its vehicles. Honda reportedly intends to appeal the judgment.

The accident that caused the now 57-year-old plaintiff to be permanently paralyzed from the chest down happened in 2010. According to trial records, a tire blew and the plaintiff was unable to control his Acura Integra. The vehicle overturned, causing him to hit his head on the roof of the Acura. His nephew was also in the vehicle but was not hurt.

Fatal Pennsylvania crash leads to charges against driver

A Pennsylvania teenager was recently charged with vehicular homicide after a crash that involved an elderly woman. The 19-year-old woman was driving in North Whitehall Township on April 12 when she allegedly crossed the yellow lines and hit another vehicle that was occupied by two people. According to officers, the 19-year-old's vehicle was going over 70 mph at the time of impact. The speed limit on the road was 55 mph.

Both drivers suffered serious injuries and had to be pried from their vehicles by emergency personnel. A female teen in the older woman's car was taken to hospital to receive treatment of undisclosed injuries, and an autopsy revealed that the older woman died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries. The 19-year-old was charged with vehicular homicide, involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and other traffic offenses. For vehicular homicide alone, she may face up to seven years in prison.

Pennsylvania man files lawsuit after bus accident

A Pennsylvania man has filed a lawsuit against the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and a Newton limousine company after a June 2012 collision between a bus and an SUV left him with severe injuries. The man's suit alleges that the accident was caused by inattentive driving, and it could have been avoided if the two drivers involved had remained alert and vigilant.

The Philadelphia resident's lawsuit names the drivers of the two vehicles as defendants in addition to their employers, and it seeks compensatory damages not in excess of $50,000. The legal action was filed at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

One parent killed and one injured in two-car collision

A Pennsylvania car accident that took place miles away from the Maryland border killed a 23-year-old woman on June 9. The woman had been riding as a passenger in a car being driven by her 30-year-old partner, a man from Peach Bottom. The couple's two-year-old son was also in the vehicle when it was hit.

At around 3:15 p.m., a car being driven by a teenager ran a stop sign on Little Britain Church Road at the intersection with Nottingham Road, near Wakefield. The car that ran the stop light was carrying four teenage passengers, all between the ages of 17 and 19. The 23-year-old passenger in the other vehicle was ejected from the car and trapped under another vehicle. The 2008 Solanco High School graduate and resident of Nottingham was pronounced dead at the scene.

Man sentenced for fatal motorcycle crash

On June 6, a Pennsylvania judge sentenced a 33-year-old man to serve up to two years in prison in connection to a fatal June 2013 crash. According to an assistant district attorney involved in the case, the man blamed his wife for the crash and had many opportunities to turn himself in but declined to do so. He pleaded guilty in March to causing an accident involving injury or death, homicide by vehicle and various other offenses.

The car collision left a 69-year-old man from Monroeville dead. Sources say that the victim was driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle when the man struck him head-on while driving a pickup truck; the motorcyclist died at Forbes Regional Hospital a short time later. Authorities accused the man of fleeing the scene immediately thereafter on the pretense that he was looking for a lost dog.

Criminal case nearing an end in fatal head-on collision

A criminal case that began with the arrest of a Pennsylvania woman for DWI and vehicular homicide appears to be drawing to a close after the 23-year old driver entered guilty pleas in satisfaction of some of the charges. The woman admitted to her role in causing the death of a passenger in another vehicle in a car accident. Her blood alcohol content level was reportedly more than two times the legal limit of .08 percent.

According to statements the woman made to the judge and to prosecutors during a recent court appearance, she got behind the wheel of her vehicle and drove against on-coming traffic on an interstate highway before colliding with another vehicle head-on. The driver and three of the passengers suffered multiple injuries including broken bones, a concussion and a bruised lung. A fourth passenger sitting in the back seat was killed.

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