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Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to vehicular homicide

A 64-year-old Penn Hills man pleaded guilty on Feb. 25 to vehicular homicide while driving under the influence in a plea deal negotiated by his attorney. The guilty plea is in connection to a 2013 drunk driving accident in O'Hara that resulted in the death of a 31-year-old Indiana Township man.

According to the assistant district attorney in charge of the case, the deadly collision occurred in the early morning hours of Feb. 24, 2013, in the northbound lanes of Route 28 near the Delafield exit. After leaving a party in Fox Chapel, the 64-year-old retired physical therapy assistant drove his vehicle southbound onto the Highland Park Bridge exit of Route 28 and into the northbound lanes of traffic. At approximately 12:30 a.m., the man nearly collided with a vehicle traveling northbound before crashing head-on into the vehicle behind it, killing the 31-year-old driver.

Driver missing a stop sign blamed in Pennsylvania car crash

An injured person was taken by ambulance to Abington Hospital after a two-car accident in Doylestown, north of Philadelphia. The Central Bucks Regional police chief said that one driver missed a stop sign at the intersection of Clemens Road and South Main Street. When that car failed to yield, it moved into the path of traffic and was hit by another car.

According to a report, two people were injured although only one was taken to the hospital. A fire and rescue crew from Doylestown needed to use hydraulic cutting tools to get one victim from a car because the door could not open.

Alleged drunk driver kills two teens in Pennsylvania crash

A 25-year-old man from Pennsylvania was taken into custody on Feb. 14 on charges of vehicular homicide after he drove his truck into a family minivan, resulting in the death of two teenage siblings. The man was allegedly driving his GMC Sierra pickup erratically and at a high speed, according to witnesses, when he struck the Honda Odyssey. The crash ejected the 19-year-old boy and his 18-year-old sister from their seats despite the fact that they were wearing seat belts. The teen's father, mother and two adult relatives were also injured in the crash but survived. They were treated at Paoli Hospital. The crash occurred at the intersection of Route 100 and North Ship Road.

According to police, the man failed field sobriety tests and smelled of alcohol. It is suspected that he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. The man had a reported history of substance abuse problems, including a March 2014 arrest for use and possession of drugs.

The psychology behind road rage incidents

Pennsylvania residents who spend a lot of time on the road will likely be unsurprised to learn that the majority of motorists claim to have experienced a road rage incident at one time or another. While the majority of these incidents go no further than abusive gestures or reckless driving, some have tragic consequences. Psychologists recommend that drivers try to remain calm when other road users behave aggressively, and they offer a number of explanations as to why individuals may behave behind the wheel in ways that they never would in a face-to-face encounter.

One reason that aggressive driving can lead to car accidents is the feeling of isolation and invulnerability that a vehicle provides. Drivers protected by a metal shell may not fear the consequences of their actions, and this can lead reckless behavior and collisions. A February road rage incident in Nevada led to the death of a Las Vegas woman, and media outlets have been quick to point out that the incident could have been avoided.

Pennsylvania crash involving school bus kills 1

A fatal crash in North Versailles killed one person on Feb. 11 and injured several others while many children on a school bus involved in the five-vehicle accident were left shaken. The accident took place on Route 30, which was closed for more than six hours after the incident.

While the police had not yet released information about the crash when a Pittsburgh news station reported the story, one student thought the wreck occurred when a male driver tried to pass the slow-moving bus. She said the bus hit the man's vehicle, which she presumed was in the bus's blind spot. In addition to the bus, a sports utility vehicle, a pickup truck and two other cars were involved in the accident; the pickup truck and SUV both sustained the worst damage.

The risks of using vacuums in childbirth

Pennsylvania residents might benefit from finding out more about the different medical injuries that may result from vacuum deliveries used for childbirth. While many consider forceps and vacuums to be interchangeable, the number of physicians using the latter has increased significantly, and the total number of those using forceps has decreased. In this current climate, some physicians may have more experience using vacuums than forceps. However, there may be several disadvantages associated with using vacuums for childbirth deliveries.

Babies delivered with vacuums are more likely to suffer an intracranial hemorrhage, commonly described as significant bleeding within the skull. These injuries are rare but are still more prevalent in vacuum deliveries than with those using forceps. They often result from the pressure created by the vacuum's suction cup. Vacuum deliveries also have a slightly lower success rate than in childbirths using forceps. Because vacuums should only be applied during contractions, births using this method may take longer as well.

Man dies in accident after deciding to move to Pennsylvania

According to sources, a man who came to Pittsburgh for his brother-in-law's funeral and then decided to move to the area in order to take care of his widowed sister died in a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident shortly after making that decision. Reportedly, the accident happened on Jan. 28 on the Parkway East.

The man, who was from Texas, was going to change his address and get his documents transferred to Pennsylvania when the accident occurred. He was a passenger in a pickup truck being driven by his brother. His brother, who is a retired police officer, told officers that as he was driving down the inbound ramp near the Squirrel Hill tunnel, a vehicle started pulling into his lane. He indicated he got over as far as possible and honked, but the car still hit the man's truck, sending it careening down an embankment.

The danger of poorly-maintained tires

All Pennsylvania drivers have a duty to the general public to operate their vehicles with reasonable care. Distracted driving, driving while impaired and tailgating all constitute a violation of this obligation, but other aspects apply as well. Proper car maintenance plays a part in keeping the roadways safe for motorists. The conditions of the vehicle's tires, for example, can be an integral factor in driving through rain or snow without incident. When the tires are worn, the chances of an accident increases.

Keeping a vehicle properly maintained, including making sure that the tires are able to adequately manage dangerous road conditions during inclement weather, is a necessary part of being a responsible driver. Worn tires, particularly bald ones, interfere with maintaining traction. Failing to take preventative safety measures while driving may be determined to be a violation of the driver's legal duty to drive with reasonable care. Thus, in the event of a motor vehicle accident that caused harm to someone else, the driver may be deemed negligent.

Pennsylvania crash leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

One person was killed and another injured in a collision involving a truck and another vehicle in Lebanon County on Jan. 28. The fatal collision took place at about 8:30 p.m. in South Lebanon Township at the intersection of Route 419 and Rexmont Road.

According to police, a 2014 Nissan Altima, driven by a 68-year-old Annville man, rounded a right curve as it approached Rexmont Road and collided with the trailer of a truck. The driver of the 2006 Volvo truck, a 55-year-old Norristown man, had been attempting to turn the truck around at the intersection after missing the turn onto State Drive. The attempt, however, resulted in the trailer blocking both lanes of Route 419.

Parents and doctors contribute to measles outbreak, report claims

Many Pennsylvania parents may have heard that many parents are opting out of vaccinating their children for fear that it might increase the risk for developing autism. While the link between vaccines and autism has been debunked, the reduction in numbers of children who are vaccinated against certain diseases, such as measles, has led to their resurgence.

The measles vaccine was introduced to the United States in 1962. At the time, more than 480,000 cases that had been reported nationwide. By 2004, that number had dropped to just 37. By vaccinating a majority of the population, children who did not receive the vaccination were protected against contracting the disease due to herd immunity. However, since fewer children are being vaccinated, the risk for a serious measles outbreak has increased.

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